IGT Costa Toscana Vernentino


Region: Tuscany

Denomination: IGT Costa Toscana Vernentino

Bottles: 6.600

Grapes variety: 100% Vermentino

Alcohol content: 12,5% VOL

Format available: 0,75 L

Ageing: 5 months in steel vats


Pepite is a natural wine and nothingbut the juice of Vermentino ends up in the bottle. The harvest is done in two stages. The first phase occurs at the beginning of September when a small quantity of grapes are collected by hand and transported in baskets to the winery. These are used to prepare the ‘pied de cuve’, utilizing the whole bunches and pressing them manually in a small vat. After about 3 days, once the juice has started fermenting thanks to its own yeasts it is used to inoculate the other grapes which have been collected in the meantime, destemmed, pressed and put in a steel vat. After 5 days the grapes are pressed and during the first few days of fermentation several pump downs are performed. Five days into fermentation and the cap raised, settling occurs, followed by racking and pressing of the must. The fermentation is concluded in stainless steel vats. Several more racking operations are carried out in the following weeks. Bottling occurs at the end of January. The wine is not filtered and no sulphur is added during vinification or bottling.

Tasting notes

Amber and gold colour. Aromas of wild herbs, hay and yellow fruits. The taste is of dried apricots, ginger and honey. On the finish a salty freshness carries the mind to the sea shore and a light tannic note reminiscent of green tea. A pleasant rusticity revels its artisan preparation and a great territorial expressivity. Intriguing and astonishing.